Top 5 Search Engine Optimisation (Seo) Tips:

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Most important get your target keywords right. We will not discuss keywords and key phrases and your target market here. We start assuming that you have your target keywords and target niche market clearly defined. Ever notice that just about every magazine has some sort of quiz inside? That is because people like their content • Read More »

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The 7 Points Of Do-it-yourself Seo

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Intriguing Title and Synopsis: How many times have you opted NOT to read something because it sounded boring? I believe we all have, so don’t shortchange your title! I recommend writing your title and synopsis before you write the article body, since you will likely be more motivated at the beginning. There is a tendency • Read More »

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Search motor Optimisation eire

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The bright side is that all this can be turned around. Learning how to generate your personal community advertising leads on a huge scale will cure this disease. I’m not speaking about prospects that you purchase from someone. I’m talking of prospects that have sought you out and like, trust, and want to do business • Read More »

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Video Marketing Tools

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To find the authority site in your niche or on any particular topic, simply go to a search engine, type in a keyword, and view the top 3 results that appear in the natural (organic, not pay-per-click) results. These are typically the authority sites for the keywords you entered. You also need to consider where • Read More »

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5 Tips For Great Web Design

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Sometimes you may wish that you were born rich or own a magic wand so you can hopefully change your status in life in just a flick. But, sadly, reality bites. Use Internal Links. You want the search engines to be able to find their way around your site. Think how difficult it would be • Read More »

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